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A curious double standrd.

This past Tuesday voters in Colorado held a recall vote for a handful of their elected officials in order to ouster them from the seats that were being held because of a Gun Control measure that the state legislature bullied through in the wake of tragic, yet isolated events. Two of these that had faced recall lost their seats as a result of their vote. The others were seriously warned by the voters.

Normally this wouldn't be much of a blip on any radar, except for there is now some sort of chastising of the voters for exercising this ability. As if it was wrong of the voters to have a recall election because the state senators voted against the will of the people. Case in point: The NewYork Times editorial piece that pretty much sums up the vote as this: "You people are too dumb for your own good and recall elections are not for this purpose.""

Where as if I recall right, the purpose of a recall election for officials is when they go against the will of the people to such an extent as there is enough discontent to petition for a recall. This happened with Scott Walker, and the collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. Which I believe the NYT was championing before eh won the recall, as the democratic process in action, the will of the people to choose their elected officials based on the actions there of.

Basically what another editorial for the NYT said in this editorial in 2011.

They're not the only ones, The La Times, Washington Post, NPR, Chicago Tribune, and several other papers all came out as supporting a recall election when it's for a republican or involves a person whose politics do not match theirs. But how dare any voter challenge their people, how dare the voters petition for a recall to any democrat that draws the ire of the voting public.

Which basically this: It's he proper democratic process when the recall is to fall in line with the lock step as dictated by the media, but it'll tear the system apart if it gos against the status quo. Gotcha.

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