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My current events.

I'll begin this adventure a bit more than a week ago. It was Tuesday the 18th in fact, round about two in the afternoon when I learned some, frankly speaking really fucking scary news.

After arriving at a clinic for a skin infection, the usual check in process was undertaken. Height, weight, temp, BP etc. Problem comes up.

My BP is about off the scale. Like 251/147 sort of spiking. The only folks that have that sort of BP are those currently involved in a stroke/heart attack. Me? I feel fine, can walk, talk, balance on one foot, etc. Anyway I get sat down in a room, given a cup of ice water and a single 0.2 mg dose of Clonidine. By now I'm very concerned about paying for things like 'emergency room' 'ambulance' and so forth. So my BP doesn't really drop that far despite them telling me to calm down, relax, lay down, have free water. Eventually I'm allowed to leave but ONLY if I go straight to the ER.

Arrive at ER, BP is 241/122. I get a room with a bed quickly, an IV stint and two syringes full of some medication that's supposed to take on such BP levels. I also get a pair of pills. I keep getting asked if I feel alright, headaches, dizzy feeling. Can I track things with my eyes, can I touch my fingers together, blah blah blah.

Well my stay turns into a night, more pills, and a drip (finally) of anti-biotics for my skin infection. I also get a shot in the ass, arms, belly and side. Various anti-biotics and anti-clotting stuff because they expect me to be laying down the entire time.

Every three hours, BP and temp check. My body temps floats between 97.4 and 98.9. BP goes up and down but finds 170/90 to be a comfortable medium for a while until finally it settles into the 150/75 range. It's also now Thursday. Did I forget to mention that I've been plexing out about having to pay for this hell storm. I've also not slept longer than an hour and a half in a stretch for the entire stay.

Leave, get my meds, choke down three pills immediately with a mouthful of water. Keep on my BP and it's been steady since then. Highest recorded has been 148/83, lowest 98/58. Since I've been keeping real records and since I was told to not take 3 Clonidine pills a day, to see how I get by with 2. My BP has been around the range of 119/74 and 128/74 discounting meals and post exercise.

So now I'm on a low Protein (80 grams a day), low Salt (2000mg day), low Potassium (2000mg day), low Phosphorus (850mg day) diet. But oddly enough I can have as much water as I want. I must exercise regularly. Lose weight (I knew that for a long time, had I actually been doing it things might be different). It's more to help my kidneys recover from the stress of such high BP and get myself healthier. Which so far I feel like I am. Down from 359 to 332. Doesn't sound like much, but that's enough to make my pants feel loose and belt loose.

Anyway, that's been my adventure. One I could have seriously done without.

1: I was my character Bluefox with all the abilities and resources as I have imagined, in the real world.
2: Eternal ideal health and build for myself and loved ones.
3: Unceasing Ideal health and bodies for my friends, their friends, families and tax-free total financial security.

Fox Out.

Post Script: Yay me, another Birthday.
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