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Once in a while there are trailers made that have a large component of CGI, but those have a tendency to be noticeable; however subtle. But not this one.

Total CGI Trailer No live action at all was used, see if you can see the difference.

Aside from that. The admin thing is still going well, a few folks are very disagreeable but it's to be expected. We finally moved from one house to another. I'm saying this only about a week or two after the fact. Now all that is left is to unpack all the junk we tossed into boxes in haste to just get out and sort what we need and don't need. At least though, we -as in Mom and I- no longer have to deal with a ten minute trip nightly back across town just to sleep. That alone is quite liberating a feeling and felt odd the first few nights. even now I still have the nagging notion that I need to go get ready to leave at around 11:30 at night.

Fox Out.
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