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Haunting tune.

ten thousand ravens came knocking
knocking like thieves on my door
cold, i stared back like dead tree bark
glued to these old breaking floors

the maid she brought down an old casket
then she lined it with mama's old quilt
while roses were drawn back like shotguns
draped softly here round my cold hips

(And the raven said)

you (drawn out long)
you should fly, dear
For you
You will die here

strawberry pie in the oven sits
waiting for strangers to dream
as they lie on the back porch and whisper
while thunderstorms rattle the screens
I somehow can't seem to calm down now
where are the angels in white?
the dog down the street he is howling
and I have gone pale with the night

Aside from that. I'm doing fine, take care.

Fox Out.
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