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Events of note.

Graduated School: Associates Degree in Computer Networking + Win 2k3/2k8 server exp.

Cisco CCNA, XP, and Win server 2k3/2k8 experienced.

A+ Certified (now that I've completed and passed the two tests required)

Will be looking towards a Microsoft endorsement, also Net+, Server+, and Security+ certifications.

I feel that my Geek-fu is progressing nicely, even if I do most un-geek like things.

Side note, I've been doing a bit of writing, a few have potential to be awesome but in no way would I say what I've written is professional quality. If you really want to see them look on FA.

I feel that I crushed the practical side of the A+ test today with an 829 out of 900. Not a bad score for only watching videos and having less than three hours sleep the night before. The essentials I hoped for better but I still passed with a 750 out of 900.

Essentials required to pass = 675
Practical required to pass = 700

So yes, I'm fairly pumped about having passed it. So much so I actually danced a victory dance both times. Since they are individual tests. The first one I passed I head banged and fist pumped while moving around. The second, which i did today, I touchdown victory danced. It was easier for me to do since I was the only one in the testing room both times, so I could dance around and show off my mad test taking skills. The drive home was nothing but loud rock music of celebration. <---- Where I watched the videos for the A+ training.

Now I'm lifetime certified for A+, and soon I will be passed out sleeping.

Fox Out.
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