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Insane hours.

Spent much of the weekend away, hiding out working on a few things and sleeping. Found out that oddly, my right foot is bigger than my left. Noticeably bigger. Fatter, but it doesn't hurt and it's not diabeties cause my blood sugar is normal. So that could mean I've become big foot. *^_^*

Anyway finally hit my last quarter of school, seems like better than two years ago now, cause it was more than two years. If I can't find work, might take a quarter off and go back start up a new diploma program for something else. Since I've already got nearly all the major classes done for allot of the good diplomas, it'll be easier should i go back for a second diploma or certificate. Will haev tot alk with one of the finacial aid folks about that, possibly the admissions as well.

for now, I'm off.

Also, thank you once more to Playgirl for the wonderful hotdog, s'wonderful indeed. :) Thank you.

Fox Out.
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