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End of an Era

Well in a few short weeks, not counting the break between this quarter and next, will be the last o my schooling. Yes I know it's been a long time, what with taking it actually kinda easy for my class load when held compared to a few others. It's bothersome that I've been lax in taking classes but at the same time I'm down to the last three and then I get my degree.

I think I'll forgo the Cisco cert for the time being and concentrate on the A+, Net+, and Security+ before the end of the year, maybe toss in a Mac cert for kicks and a MSCE in XP and Vista/7 os for fun. Once I get a good feel for my classes next quarter as for what to expect and everything, I'll know better then what I'll be able to do in the afternoons as far as any possible employment may be concerned.

As for me personally, up and down with sleeping. Wake up at all hours for some reason or another, go back to bed, wake up a bit later, usually ten minutes before my alarm goes off. lay there relaxing and just start nodding off again only to have the alarm blare. I still get to the school early, but no longer before 6 in the morning anymore. mainly because the doors are not unlocked until 6:30 - 6:45. Replaced the battery again in the jimmy, the first replacement was one that was actually too small in amperage and it started really going down this past winter. Recently it ate another alternator because the pulley for it decided to come unscrewed as I was driving home. Which cause the drive belt to get chewed up, no more power steering, or water pump circulating the coolant. Took longer to put the new serp-belt on than to take the old alt off, put the new on on.

Still need tires, brake work, shocks, other doodads. I'm concerned about the brakes, and tires for now. Maybe see about a tranny service or check over for health. For sure another fluid change is on the books for the break coming up, same with an oil change. Yay synthetic oil built for extended mileage between changes.

That's it for me at this time. Still plugging away on that GameForge thing, coming up on my two years of solid service here soon.

Fox Out.
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