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The pitch

I know it has been a winding road filled with gaps between sightings. But I am still here, daily chipping away at my time spent in school. Yes, still there, and now looking for employment or at least a good prospect of employment afterward. With a current listing of only 5 whole classes to take before graduation. I'm about as nervous as the start of school.

The upside for all of this, however, is I no longer have a math class bearing down on me. While I didn't get the grade I really wanted in the class, the one I did get was still passing. So no more math unless I got for a bachelors degree which may or may not be on the horizon for later. As i stand now, I have only English to attend and the classes there related, such as Speech, Psych, English-2, and then an elective. Yes I know I wrote English and English-2, it's actually English 1101 and English 1102. Two different classes that have to be taken in order, so I can get my associates degree.

Schooling aside, I've made a fair share of friends, even if they are more acquaintances than anything else, except maybe one or two. I really like these two and hope to keep in touch with them for years onward. Without them I would have never really tried sushi as in-depth as I have so far. While there is some that I wouldn't ever care to have again, there is some other that I'll crave enough that I must go have.

What else is there to go on about, not much aside from father being an absolute drag on my step sister and her folks there, only because they fell for one if not a few lies he told. In which greed was used agaisnt better judgment. the back story of which to me is rather funny, so I'll paste it here.

Several years ago when the man first became ill, my brothers and his sister all decided that it would be best to place him in a care home instead of taking him in. We considered the matter closed since it was best for everyone, he would have 24/7 care and a place to stay, visitation could be at about any hour desired any day of the week, get tired of him you can leave. This wasn't something he liked since he was no longer the center of the universe as he saw his self because everyone else had lives of their own to lead that didn't include him. So he started talking with his second ex-wife, making all sorts of promises for ready and easy access to his insurance money from life insurance and so forth, which fed into her greed. She dropped hints about it which we warned her as being falsehoods, that she would be better served in not trusting him without current documented proof, and that she'd have to understand that if she took him in, she'd be the one caring for him. Not us.

Well she sees that as somehow we are making a play for his money to cut her and her second child from a second marriage and my step sister out of a collage fund. So she rushes around and gets power of attorney, declares that only she can make choices for his life and so forth, pulls him out of the care-home to hold up her end of the bargain. So when she demands to have right to his life insurance, he admits that there is no life insurance, that it lapsed shortly after they divorced because he didn't want her getting it back then and just never got any more. So now she's stuck with him because the care-home refuses to take him back until an outstanding debt is paid, which is all on her since she took power of attorney, she assumed control of all his finances, including debts.


So now she's harping at my brothers and I to come take him off her hands for a few days so she can have some time to live a life that isn't work and dealing with him. She's also begging his sister to do the same and any other member of his family to do it. But so far, she has no takers. Mainly because everyone knew what she did was little more than a greedy grab and her reward for it is just what she got. Plus everyone has their own life to live and or do not want to have him like a anchor hanging around the neck. Last time I spoke with her she was saying how he misses us, that we need to come get him to keep for a couple days to reconnect, blah blah blah, I said firmly, that I have no desire to be near him for any longer than is absolutely necessary. That there was a reason he was in that care-home, one of which was so everyone could have a life without his burden. I also said that since he decided to be greedy instead of listening to us, that she very well brought this on herself and that it was not my problem whether or not she was happy.

That does bring a smile to my face that someone that acted in a greedy way got what they deserve, but also irritates me at the same time since he's not getting the seclusion and being at the whims of others to come see him if and only if they wanted to. Not being forced to see him day in, day out. Can't have it all I guess, but it is still most funny even if I'm the only one laughing.

Fox Out.
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